Return policy

  • For the avoidance of doubt the Company under any circumstances will not take back items that a Customer cannot sell or no longer wants.
  • All returns must be notified to Company within 7 days from delivery date along with a copy of the invoice with the issue highlighted and explained or by filling out the below form.   ( or freefax:  1800 60 61 62)

Return FormThe Company will not accept any returns unless advance notice is provided by the Customer.
Please retain the return goods until you get notification from the Company on how the matter will proceed.
Under no circumstances should return goods be sent to the Company without speaking to a member of our team first.
All items must be returned with relevant paper work and details properly and correctly completed.  If items are returned without paperwork then a 20% handling charge will be applied.
In the event  a wrong item is sent in error then the Company will replace this item with new stock.
All breakages must be reported within 24 hours and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
The Company does not accept returns on electrical components (e.g. control boxes etc).
Company staff are no authorised and cannot under any circumstances collect or carry returns. 
In the event  a broken/faulty item is returned and the Company adjudge this to be user error then the item will be returned to the dealer and an administration charge will be applied.
Please note that non stocking items that are specially ordered in, will not be accepted for credit. This includes items from Granit.
Under exceptional circumstances if the Company accepts a return after 30 days then it will be subject to a 20% handling charge.

Why not sell an unwanted item less 10%?  This makes more sense than returning it and losing 20%!