About us

Fastparts is a separate division within Farmhand and was established in 1987 to market a wide range of wearing and fast-moving parts for all makes of tractors and agricultural machinery. Products include parts for ploughs, sprayers, mowers, and tractors - among many others.

Offering quality components from the world's leading manufacturers, Fastparts distributes through a network of over 350 dealers throughout Ireland, north and south.

We were delighted to launch our new Webshop in 2017.  We wanted to make sure that it was the best in the industry.  We are continually growing our range of products and information on the webshop is always updated and maintained to make sure we provide our Customers with the best and most accurate information at all times.

Im sure you will agree that the internet has revolutionised the way we do things,  making the world a much smaller place and giving us the power to see what else is out there.  Moving with these times we have produced the Webshop to help our Customers save time and money and to give them access to information immediately.

Meet our Team

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With over 30 years of experience working in Farmhand together, our team is the best! We have built a strong and committed team here in Fastparts and we like nothing better than satisfied Customers. Our Webshop is to make life easier for you and to ensure you have all the information you need when making a purchase.  However, our team is always here to take your call to answer anything you are uncertain of and give you any help that is required.  We want to ensure that straightforward ordering comes through our webshop to ensure that our team is there for those that need it.